10 Tips for Saving Water at Home

Around 120 to 190 liters of drinking water per capita flow from households into the sewage systems every day. However, it’s not just water consumption that’s a problem, but above all the energy consumption that goes hand in hand with it. With a few simple tricks, you can save a lot of water – and […]

Human Right for Water

On the justification of a human right to water Clean drinking water is inaccessible to 663 million people worldwide. By contrast, every German consumes more than 5,000 litres of water a day. Is this just an unfortunate abuse or an injustice? Is there a human right to water? Some live in abundance… Unicef and the […]

Nestlé’s ice-cold business with water

According to the UN, 753 million people have no access to clean drinking water. 2.5 billion do not have adequate sanitation. 85 per cent of the world’s population lives in the driest half of the world. Nevertheless, water resellers like Nestlé go to these very places to get their water. Because it is good for […]